Update 31 :: Energized

Howdy Folks!

Update 31 :: Energized is now available on the experimental branch! The Energized Update still has more in development, but most of the new features are in place.

This update focuses on overhauling the planet map visuals, surface side power structures, UI tweaks and more. What isn’t currently available is the new mission system and POI locations. While this was intended to be part of this update, the mission system needs more work and I wanted to get these other changes out to you fine people.

Check out the experimental branch if you would like to provide feedback and bug reports on the latest content.

Update 31 Experimental Info | What is the Experimental Branch and how do I access it?

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2 Replys
  1. I’m wondering if you know by now that the whole surface aspect of the game, in this version is completely fucked, right? Nothing I do will let me mount an expedition. I can get a “create an expedition” mini screen and adjust passengers but nothing else works.

    • I was not aware of that. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Are you not able to add food or select destinations when creating and expedition?


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