Developer Log #76

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and a lovely week. As you may know, the Surface Control update has been on the experimental branch for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback, suggestions and bug reports. For those not actively fiddling about in the experimental branch, I wanted to go over some of the cool new things that are coming in the Surface Control Update.

Vehicle Bay Queue

I’ve added a queue system to the vehicle bay. Now you can queue up to 3 vehicles to get constructed.

Surface Building Equipment

Craft-able equipment items can be installed on surface buildings to improve their power output, power consumption, efficiency and more. Points of interest have been added for tier II building equipment blueprints.

Vehicle Recipe Rebalancing

Vehicle construction materials has been reduced across the board to better ease the player into the surface side expansion. Tier II vehicles now require aluminium instead of steel for construction.

There are whole lot more tweaks, changes and fixes coming in the Surface Control update. The content update should be releasing on the main branch sometime next week.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! Be sure to follow and/or support Mercury Fallen development below.

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